The FFP SPORTS COLLECTIVE is a group of sports teams, sports clubs, schools and organizations that collectively showcase their chosen sport on our live channels.  This collective is partially funded by brands that support the growth of UAE sports and talent, and together we are able to livestream the amazing sports and athletic talent across the region - contact us now to learn how you can join or support the FFP Sports Collective.    

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The local UAE sporting sector is buzzing with incredible talent across a large and diverse spectrum. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of hidden talent and many amazing sports that go un-noticed due to this diversity and the lack of resources. 


Many top sports deserve their popularity, participation and recognition created from the support they have built. However, this is only the case for a select few as many sports, sporting clubs, academies, and communities struggle just to keep viable participating numbers.


There are over 220 sports events held across the UAE throughout the year, yet less than 10% of these get proper media exposure. School students receive even less exposure with most of the viewing confined to only the parents of participating students.


This is mostly due to the financial strain on these organizations that they cannot afford additional visibility for their participants or interested parties. Add the unique dynamics of the current global pandemic and this is substantially harder. 


Build a platform with many different sports and provide a free broadcast service that will showcase this talent and generate revenue for all clubs teams, sports matches, school sports events, fitness competitions and rising talent in the United Arab Emirates.

We are doing this by building a collective of partnerships, sponsors and advertisers that wish to support the growth of the UAE sporting community by funding the broadcasting for these sports events.


Our alignment with such a diverse range of sports – the women’s game, non-traditional codes and our promising youth – will provide the chance for talent to share their stories, be seen in competition, and help to inspire more UAE residents to play and succeed in sport, their way.